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Meridian has been involved in developing world class obstetric and maternity care systems for hospitals since 1992. Our software has been used to record over 1,000,000 births over this period. There are over 8,000 registered users in NSW of which about 1,200 are concurrent users at any point in time.

eMaternity and all the other versions of it enable the recording and decision support of the woman’s journey from first presentation at a hospital through to community based care. The system is designed to be fully interoperable via HL7 and FHIR messaging with the patient administration system and other core systems as required, eg pathology. It is also integrated dynamically with the eMR in NSW.

A major differentiator of Meridian’s products is that the customer can tailor data, reporting, and data collection rules. These requirements are recorded as [meta] data in a database and referred to as the maternity care ‘Model’. This means that clinicians and other system users can ensure their specific needs are met. It also means that as best practice changes or research needs arise the ‘model’ can be changed to keep the system up to date. All these changes are managed with version control to ensure all data elements, covering comprehensive maternity/perinatal care, are presented in the context at the time the data was collected. This means information about the pregnancy and baby is future proofed.

Our Maternity Care solutions consistent user interface which significantly reduces user training time and cost. There is a high degree of data validation due to the technology built into the system which ensures high quality data.

The systems also supports user defined clinical trials and analytics and is especially suited to clinical research due to the collection of highly classified data.

In summary some key benefits include:

  • Automated statutory reporting
  • High data quality through user controllable validation rules
  • Dynamic clinical decision support including alerts
  • Integration with PAS and Labs and a range of other external systems
  • Comprehensive security
  • Flexible user definable reporting
  • Cloud based solution is available

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