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We are a leader in provision and support of clinical, healthcare, data collection, decision support, analysis and reporting software to the public and private health sectors.

Our objective is to improve clinician capability and experience resulting in better health outcomes.

Our Solutions

  • Maternity Care Solutions

    Meridian has been involved in developing world class obstetric and maternity care systems for hospitals since 1992. Our software has been used to record over 1,000,000 births over this period.

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  • Health Systems Development & Support

    Since 2000 Meridian has focussed solely on the development and support of health systems for the hospital sector and health administrations such as Justice Health.

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  • Key Solutions

    The most recent system built using conventional systems building tools is the Transfer of Care Reporting system which records the time it take for an ambulance patient to be transferred to emergency department staff care.

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Why Choose Us

Leading provider of Health Care Software Products and Solutions

Innovative technology for clinical data collection

Wide variety of clinical and health related systems

Gives customers greater control over their requirements and data

Intelligent Data Management Engine

Superior data quality

Reduces clinical risks and Health improved safety

Improved reporting due to Meta data base systems

Ability to support health system integration

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