Department of Health and Human Services TAS

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The Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) selected the Meridian Perinatal clinical solution, from a wide field of vendors, through a public tender process in 2009.

The ACHS required the Royal Hobart Hospital to have the system implemented by March 2010 in order to gain accreditation as an Obstetrics teaching facility. This was an extremely demanding schedule that required key activities being completed in a limited time frame.

These included:
  • Details review of the NSW Obstetric clinical model with changes being made as required by key clinical stake holders
  • Deployment of a robust, state wide database server, application server and Citrix environment
  • Deployment of additional workstations in clinics, delivery suites and obstetric wards
  • Integration of HBCIS and iPM PAS systems via HL7 messaging
  • Training of several hundred clinicians (midwives, obstetricians and administrative staff) prior to commencement of live operation.

The system was implemented on time and within budget with all major public maternity facilities in operation on a single clinical database. The facilities include The Royal Hobart Hospital, The Launceston General Hospital, The Mersey Hospital, North West Private Hospital, and other hospitals are also on line.

ObstetrixTas, is based on the NSW clinical maternity care model , which was purchased from the NSW Department of Health in 2009.