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The Platform for your Maternity and Perinatal Care Solution

Obstetrix is a unique Clinical Data Mangement Platform that enables Clinicians to create and manage their Maternity and Perinatal Care Systems

Obstetrix allows Clinicians to play a primary role in the design of health records and direct recording of information. It is widely used by Clinicians throughout Australia in both public and private hospitals.


Benefits of Obstetrix

Easy to use Obstetrix's user interface has been designed specifically for ease of use and rapid data entry.

Highly Customisable Content and business rules can be customised to local birthing facility requirements without the need for programmers.

Unlimited Information Categories Obstetrix enables Clinicians to easily define information categories in the data model to satisfy data collection requirements.

Clinical Decision Support Better clinical decision support information that is directly entered and managed by clinicians so no need for separate clerical support for data entry.

Powerful Reporting Obstetrix integrates seamlessly with Crystal Reports and has a powerful inbuilt HTML Reporting tool. Users are also able to easily extract data into a wide range of formats.

Accessible Clinical Information More accurate and accessible clinical information. Users can analyse aggregate clinical data without special programming skills.

Fully Integrated Obstetrix is fully integrated with hospital line of business systems via HL7.

Key features of Obstetrix

Records detailed clinical information throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Provides clinical information to better manage obstetric risk.

Eliminates many of the forms and reports currently required for obstetric cases.

Records 'standard' clinical items as well as information that is important to particular birthing facilities.

Automatically produces government statutary extracts.

Provides a GUI interface that is appropriate for clinicians.

Enables end-users to easily analyse and report clinical information.


Obstetrix™ has been used to create solutions that manage clinical information from first presentation of an obstetric case through to delivery and discharge of mother and baby.

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Unlimited Information Categories

Using Meridian's Intelligent Data Management Engine (IDME™) clinicians can easily define information categories. For example:

  • First visit examination and observation
  • Family history - prior pregnancies and labour
  • Medical History
  • Recent drug history
  • Obstetric risk factors
  • Psycho-social factors
  • Antenatal visits
  • Tests and investigations
  • Labour Details - labour events
  • Analgesia in labour delivery details
  • Neonatal details
  • Neonatal discharge
  • Maternal discharge

Reports and Interfaces

Obstetrix integrates seamlessly with Crystal Reports and allows users to easily extract data into a wide range of formats.

  • Booking in history - medical record
  • Labour summary - medical record
  • Prior pregnancy summary
  • Patient discharge list - birth register
  • Hep B summary
  • Neonatal discharge summary
  • Maternal discharge summary
  • Ad-hoc analysis extract
  • Electronic statutory data