Matrix - Maternity Care Solution

Mater Health Service Group, Brisbane.

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Meridian worked with the Mater throughout a complete development cycle to produce the Matrix 'model'. The project began in mid 2006 going live March 2007. Meridian was involved in all aspects of the project from the running initial work groups, encompassing all stakeholders to produce an agreed 'archetype' dictionary (the information to be recorded and codification thereof), the business logic or rules which govern the behaviour of the application, the agreed workflow to deliver maternity care and the reporting functions. Once consensus was achieved Meridian trained and supervised the 'modellers' (nominated staff who were to create the archetypes and domain values) Meridian took the responsibility for complex business rules and formatted report creation.

Mater staff produced and continues to produce ad hoc reports, as required and additional business rules through the Obstetrix&trade version of the Intelligent Data Management Engine (IDME) rules engine. Once the basic model was completed a testing programme was jointly implemented by Meridian and the Mater. Concurrently the staff who were to use the system were educated under a train the trainer approach.

The Perinatal Data Collection system (PDC)

The Perinatal Data Collection system, developed by Meridian, which extracts information from Matrix and delivers to a central database, closely mirrors the functionality that this RFI requires. The PDC was implemented November 2007.

The Mater currently has 550 users of Matrix after the opening of the new Mater Mothers and annual births are approximately 10,000

Initially the Mater purchased and used Meridian's IDME Modelling application and once Matrix was put into a production environment run time licences were purchased

The Mater Health Services Group employs over 6000 staff