About Us

Meridian is a leader in providing clinical and other software products and solutions and services to the healthcare sector with applications deployed throughout Australia and internationally.

Meridian's award winning Clinical e-health software Clinixian enables clinicians to define their data, rules and reports without the need for IT professional help.

Meridian Health Informatics' key products and services include, eHealth Products, Perinatal and Neonatal Care, Benchmark and Performance and Rapid Health systems development. Meridian's key interests are in providing ehealth solutions to health administrations and hospitals both public and private.

Meridian addresses the health sector needs for hospital based IT, including products and services. Meridian's products and experience are particularly suited to development of specialist solutions for specific clinical disciplines.

Meridian's health solutions are normally fully integrated with the customer's core systems using HL7 and XML messaging. This includes ehealth systems development, clinical systems development and associated support services. Although Meridian is Sydney based in NSW Australia, it has a proven track record in being able to give first class service to its clients in remote locations.

Meridian's Clinixian and IDME technology enables expert users to define and maintain their requirements and create the end user system without needing IT involvement. Using this technology clinical and administrative users are able to encapsulate their knowledge and best practice in a meta data form as a Model in a database. This Model is valuable intellectual property that can be onsold to other potential customers of IDME and Clinixian. In this way our customers have been able to substantially reduce the cost of ownership of their solution.

Company Profile

Meridian Health Informatics, founded in 2000, a Sydney based systems developer with an exclusive Healthcare focus, provides consulting, design, implementation, maintenance and support services.

Meridian supports, enhances and maintains over 10 key applications throughout NSW, QLD and TAS. HL7 messaging, integration and clinical systems development are its specialities.

Meridian services large healthcare organisations, such as NSW QLD and TAS Health and the Mater Health Group, Justice Health and the Ambulance Service and has an extensive footprint across these organisations.

In addition to its bespoke development capability Meridian has a suite of healthcare software products including bed occupancy, patient information, risk, operating theatre, clinic and clinical data management. Meridian's groundbreaking technology IDME is an intelligent data management system that is eminently suitable for those applications that seek to manage 'domain knowledge', such as clinical records and decision support systems. 'Clinixian', is a clinical solutions tool based on IDME. With user built clinical terminology models it is in widespread use, and organisations are currently involved in building specific 'models' for their own clinical practices.

Meridian is a Silver certified Microsoft partner.

Meridian's Systems Experience

Meridian's health systems experience is very broad and includes systems development and support for:

  • Obstetrics, Maternity Care, Perinatal Care
  • Clinical data management
  • Operating theatre management
  • Bed management
  • Clinic management
  • Risk management
  • Hospital, State wide Cancer registry systems
  • VMO payment management
  • Allied health
  • Executive Dashboard for KPI reporting
  • Clinical pathways
  • Patient electronic whiteboard
  • Medical staff scheduling
  • Appliance tracking
  • Budgeting
  • HL7 message server
  • Clinical benchmarking


Meridian and ISG Consulting

ISG and Meridian have been working continuously since 1996 on the management of a wide range of technology projects in both NSW Health and individual regional health services. We have undertaken many projects for significant business process change initiatives or provided risk management &/or quality assurance services in relation to large software or technology implementation projects.

ISG's specialisation is in application lifecycle management where they assist clients with a selection of planning, design, testing and QA services connected with the development and implementation of large health services applications. ISG has developed sophisticated collaborative project management systems which are used to manage complex projects. This allows authorised project managers to log-in and participate in real-time project workflow, notification, escalation, and sign-off of deliverables for projects.

ISG has deployed the Serena IT Governance applications that provide an out of the box workflow development platform that can be rapidly deployed to build administrative and clinical solutions. Meridian has integrated their Intelligent Data Management Application to the platform to enable Healthcare and other clients to rapidly create powerful and easy to use workflow and data management applications.

The existing ISG joint venture in HealthCare with Meridian Health Informatics will continue and will enable us to deliver a greater range of health solutions into this important market across both Australia and Asia Pacific. The new Healthcare solutions will provide clients with clinical and administrative systems based on modern integrated out of the box technologies from Microsoft, Serena, and Meridian.

Meridian and K2 Medical Systems

Meridian and K2 Medical Systems signed an agreement to collaborate and join forces to:

  • Integrate Meridian's perinatal solution with the K2 Gaurdian intrapartum system
  • To jointly market the new combined product
  • To expand the combined product to address the broader needs of women and baby health
  • To expand marketing opportunities